Welcome to The DMZ Bar one of the best and unique bars of Yangshuo, as well as the WORLD’S only North Korean themed bar!

  • Cheapest drinks in Yangshuo

    Forget wasting 40 Yuan on an expensive small bottle of Tsingtao in West Street, at The DMZ Bar we got you covered with the largest range of well priced beer and Liquor and in the city.


  • Coldest Beer in Yangshuo

    At The DMZ Bar we have bucked the Chinese warm beer trend by having our fridge and freezer on all year round (even in winter) – including frosted glasses.


  • The best place to watch Football in Yangshuo

    No matter what time of day it is, even the middle of the night we have the live football, as well as other sporting events.


  • The last bar open in Yangshuo

    When everyone else is closed we keep the party going!


  • Book great tours with YPT

    The DMZ Bar work with Young Pioneer Tours, and you can get great discounts by booking one of their tours through us.