Get sh*tfaced the North Korean way!

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Join us for the US election!

Where better to watch possibly the most extreme, dramatic and bewildering US presidential elections than in a North Korean themed bar in a communist country? How often do you get to say that? (Probably) never! 

Yangshuo’s coolest bar will be streaming the election all day (on Wednesday the 9th of November in China time), climaxing with a political party-party from 7pm (around the time the result will be announced). *Deep breaths*

We’ll be offering special one-off “Trump” and “Clinton” cocktails, American music, drinking games, and free shots for any American customer who chooses to watch the election at ours! We’ll also have spectacular deals on beers and mixers all night to take the edge off the sphincter-clenching nail-biting horror of this modern world. 

Come take the edge off this disaster-movie-waiting-to-happen at DMZ on WEDNESDAY!