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What scooter to rent in Yangshuo?


Undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Yangshuo is to rent a bike of some description to see the wonderful scenery, the main question people ask is whether to rent a bicycle, or a scooter of some description. Whilst this is a decent question, it is also a bit like comparing apples and oranges, with both having their merits. If you are fairly sporty minded, and fit you should definitely rent a bicycle, in Yangshuo, but in our opinion why not do both?

The joy of driving a scooter around Yangshuo and beyond is that unless you are Lance Armstrong (the drug taking cyclist with 1 nut), you are will be restricted as to where you can go, on a scooter Yangshuo and its countryside truly are your oyster.

And as to the question of if you should rent and electric, or petrol scooter in Yangshuo the answer is extremely simple, both are pretty much the same price, but an electric one struggles going up hills, and if you run out of power you are basicaly screwed.

That is why we have a fleet of great gas powered bad boys that can be rented daily from The DMZ Bar. Check out our link.