Scooter Rental in Yangshuo

If you are looking to rent a scooter in Yangshuo then get yourself to The DMZ Bar where we have a fleet of 6 gas powered scooters that are strong enough to get you to places like Xinping, or wherever else you might fancy.

Our petrol scooters are priced at ¥ 100 per day and include a full tank of gas that you do not have to refill. On West Street they charge 70 for electric scooters that will run out of power after 30 minutes. Our scooters are gassed up, new, looked after and pack a punch.

We also offer discounts for long term rentals.


For an additional ¥150 of our DMZ guys will take you on an all day bike tour of Yangshuo.

Contact us, 185-7733- 9114, 185-7735- 4101, add us WeChat at DMZBar, or come to the bar at 41 Gui Hua road to grab your scooter. We can also deliver the bike directly to your hostel, or hotel!