Travel Services

Book a trip to North Korea and beyond with Young Pioneer Tours

The DMZ Bar are a regional office for Young Pioneer Tours the leading budget travel operator to North Korea and other destinations your mother would rather you stayed away from. All of our bar staff are also employees of YPT, and can answer any questions you have as well as book your tour, even offering a 5% discount for those pay their deposit at the bar.

Take a Motorbike Tour of Yangshuo

Not only do we rent out the best value scooters in Yangshuo, but our experienced rider staff can also arrange a motorbike tour for an additional ¥150 on top of your bike rental fees.

Train and flight ticket services in Yangshuo

Need a flight, or train ticket out of Yangshuo, but don’t want to pay the inflated prices of the Yangshuo travel agents? Simply pop into the bar and let us do it for you.